Waiter Paging systems


Kitchen To Waiter

Restaurant waiter recall paging systems

Kitchen to waiter paging systems allow runners to be more efficient and creating faster table turns.
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Customer Paging

Customer Recall, Customer Location

Customer paging systems allows staff to either locate with out CS6 or recall them with the CS Series.
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LRS Manufacturing defect warranty

We offer fantastic warranty with all our Kitchen to Waiter systems and Customer paging systems.
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restaurant, Pubs & Bars paging solutions

kitchen to waiter & customer pager systems

Increase your staffs efficiency and create faster table turns by investing in the Waiter Paging system or/and the Customer paging system.


T9601 Kitchen to Waiter

Heatproof Kitchen Transmitter

The T9601 Kitchen to Waiter transmitter is made from aluminum making the transmitter heatproof and can be used next to any hot area within the kitchen without the worry of it melting. Making the kitchen and the waiters more organized the food gets delivered piping hot and customers are much more satisfied.

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Standard Kitchen Transmitter

The T9560EZ Kitchen Transmitter supplied with a names board allows staff to be contacted from all parts of your restaurant or cafe without disturbing the ambiance. Making staff overall more efficient also produces faster table turns within your restaurant.

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CS Series

Customer Paging Systems

Our CS Series pager allows staff to recall customers when their food is ready to be collected or when their table is ready for them, these pagers save your staff time looking for them in a crowd of waiting people allowing staff to spend more time with customers or doing other duty's they have in the restaurant.

We also have a low cost location solution with these pagers that allows staff to locate there table quicker than normal with the flashing light from the CS6 or CS7 staff can head straight to the flashing pager without looking around for table numbers achieving faster delivery times and making your customer more satisfied with the service your staff give them.

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